something about love

I want you to love me, but i don’t think you will
I wander around as I repeat this to myself
It’s the only answer I have, even if I’m scared of getting hurt
I’ll say ‘I Love You’ to the one I love
Putting these feelings into words is so scary, but
I’ll say ‘I Love You’ to the one I love

Do you love me or not?
I don’t care what the answer is, I just need to know
No matter how badly I desire to be with you
There are many unchangeable things in this world,
and my love for you can’t be stopped by any one

As 1000 nights pass, I long to tell you…
I have to let you know

The happiness we chance upon in our lives can’t be expressed in words
That’s why we can only smile
Why we sing ‘Do Re Mi’ among the vivid autumn colors
With winters at our backs, and the spring sunbeams peeking through the leaves
As to protect someone who’s just been reborn

As I looked at the road I’d traveled and the path ahead,
My eyes were filled with cowardice

I want to look into your eyes, but was afraid I wouldn’t be honest
I didn’t want to know that you didn’t love me
And live the rest of my days all alone
That day, I kept on loving you without getting hurt

Even if my feelings aren’t returned,
I can say ‘I Love You’ to the one I love
And that’s the most beautiful thing in the world

One special thing about life is that we can always find a precious thing among each unpleasantness


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